A much needed encouragement!

Shade of the Moriah Tree


MOST OF US no doubt have read John Bunyan’s classic, The Pilgrim’s Progress. Despite being written several centuries ago, it continues to hold readers in fascination and for some, more so than The Lord of the Rings because it is an allegory of the true Christian life; this is reality greater than fiction. One aspect that stands out in Bunyan’s portrayal of Christian is how he was beset with great trials before entering the Celestial City. This is an accurate depiction of the lives of those who truly desire to live a godly life (Acts 14:22).

Many preachers today emphasise that we are saved to have our best life now. It is true we are set free from the tyranny of sin, that our feet have been established on the path of Truth and we are on the way to glory, but seldom are we told that to enter…

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