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The Sacrifice and Commitment of the Chinese Underground Church

by brother Egdar of Gospel Fellowships


In March 2014 I met the Heavenly Man from China. Brother Yun spoke 4 times in Lancaster County in Pennsylvania. He is the most humble man I ever met. He was the main speaker but came to every pre-service prayer meeting. In the prayer meetings and later in the main services he always humbled himself before God. He prayed and worshipped on his knees.

Revival continues in China today because of the sacrifice and commitment of the Chinese Underground Church. The number of Underground Christians is estimated now between 100 Million to 160 Million. It is said that 30 000 Chinese turn to Christ every day. Here are some of the miracles God performed in men such as Brother Yun, the Heavenly Man.

Brother Yun was born in 1958. China had become a communist nation in 1949. All missionaries were expelled. Many of the Chinese Pastors were imprisoned and killed. Believers were crucified on the walls of their churches for not denying Christ. Brother Yun became a Christian in 1974 at the age of 16 while the cultural revolution was still raging in China. Brother Yun’s father was dying and had not spoken for 3 months. He had terminal lung cancer and was expected to die any moment. His wife, Brother Yun’s mother, had heard of Jesus through missionaries. She heard a voice during this time saying: “Jesus loves you.” She knelt on the floor and re-dedicated her life to the Lord Jesus Christ. She told her children including Yun, that Jesus was their only hope. All the children committed their lives to Christ. Then the family laid hands on their father to pray for healing.”Jesus heal Father, Jesus heal, Father.” The Lord answered prayer and the Father was fully healed from terminal cancer within 1 week. It was a great miracle from God. Later the Father gave his son Yun the name “Heavenly Man”.

Brother Yun became desperate to have a Bible. All Bibles were strictly forbidden. Only Chairman Moa’s red book could be read. An old pastor who had spent 20 years in prison for his faith told him to pray to God as only God could provide the Heavenly Book. He prayed for over 1 month but no Bible came. He went back to the old Pastor who told him to pray, weep and fast. For the next 100 days he prayed, wept and fasted for a Bible only eating every evening a small bowl of rice. One night he had a dream of two men. Early in the morning while still dark 2 men came which he had seen in the vision to give him a Bible in a red bag. Three months earlier a former evangelist had a vision from God. He was told to give the Bible which he had hidden in the ground, buried deep in soil, to a young man. He was shown the village and house where Brother Yun lived. After receiving the Bible Yun was so hungry for the word of God that he started to devour it. The next step was memorizing it. He memorized one chapter per day in the New Testament starting in Matthew. He memorized the whole Gospel of Matthew in 28 days. One day he memorized Acts 1:8 When the Holy Spirit has come upon you, you shall be witnesses to me in Jerusalem, in Judea, in Samaria and to the uttermost parts of the world. He was filled by the Holy Spirit and was told by the Lord that he would be sent to the west and to the south to proclaim the Gospel. The next day in obedience to God he started to minister in the next village west. He did not know what to say so he recited the whole Gospel of Matthew. He saw people who were ill and prayed for them. God healed them. Dozens of people became Christians and accepted the Lord.

In his 1st year of ministry as a 16 year old he led over 2000 people to the Lord. Over 7 years of ministry over 3000 people were healed. He went three times to prison and was tortured. He said Jesus told him: “My child I know.” At one time point he stopped eating food and drinking water to die. He did not want to betray others. He could not be a Judas and wanted to die. It is a serious decision to follow Jesus, he said. You must be ready to die. He said he gave no words to betray others during torture. They squeezed his hands and put acid underneath his fingernails. The pain was so great his spirit left his body and he passed out at the third finger. He observed his own body from the outside and he did not want to re-enter his body. He was begging the Father to let him die. Jesus answered him and said: “My child I know”. “I will open a door for you which no one will be able to shut.” When Lord, he asked? He wanted to die so much he did not eat nor drink for 74 days and lived. He continued to live at 80 lbs. weight and was put into a cell with 20 murderes and serial killers. All accepted the Lord. Later all 800 prisoners were singing and desiring the presence of God. In prison for 4 years he led all prisoners to Jesus. In another prison he was strictly forbidden to use the name of Jesus. God healed many prisoners and the Warden, through using the words hallelujah and amen. The third time in prison came in 1997. Both of his legs were shattered during torture. No one thought he could survive. He was put into solitary confinement in a cell without light. So often he gave up. His faith was weak. How could he ever survive. He would never walk again. He questioned God and said crying: Lord you promised me 13 years ago that I would have an open door which no one could shut.

When will this darkness go away? Hope left him. He would never be a messenger to the west and south, he thought. His faith left him. He was arrested, tortured and his legs broken. He felt like a dead Lazarus. Yet Jesus gave life to Lazarus. In the meantime in Stockholm, Sweden God had told some 30 believers to fast and pray for Brother Yun. Brother Yun was told by the Holy Spirit to fix his eyes on Jesus. He was lying on the prison floor but when the Holy Spirit fell on him he started to sing: “God you are my rescue.” The Spirit told him : “Jesus is with you – Jesus loves you.” At that moment he said Jesus walked into his cell and told him to get up and walk out. He met the living Savior while lying on the floor. He was so weak in faith. He did not think he could ever rise with his broken legs. The prison is real said Jesus but my truth has set you free. At that moment he had another vision. It was his wife begging him to rise, get up and come out. Brother Yun said “obedience “ was the key. He rose in obedience and started to walk towards the cell door. As he walked towards the door the hinges of the door turned. Angels were at work. The doors opened and he walked through. Then many doors. The doors just opened. The prison guards did not see him. He finally made it to the front gate of the prison and again the doors opened. Outside was a taxi with the car door open and waiting for him. He escaped to Christian friends. At that moment a sister in Stockholm, Sweden, was given the vision of Brother Yun walking out of prison. It was at the same time when Brother Yun walked out. The police searched for him everywhere. If caught he would receive the death penalty.
The prison records of this maximum security prison later showed: “ One prisoner missing but no human error was involved.” He escaped on Sept.28, 1997 using a false Passport to Frankfurt Germany. He now ministers in the Western World.

Revival continues in China. 30 000 come to Christ each day. Why? The blood of the martyrs has drenched the ground. They are living sacrifices to our Lord. They witness their faith despite great persecution. May God have mercy on us and help us to change.

-brother Edgar


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