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From Stand Up For the Truth, an article by Elijah Abraham of Living Oasis Ministries, a ministry I have featured here previously.

This article is highly relevant as Australia is facing many of the same challenges as the USA, UK and other countries. 


Sharia U.S.By Elijah Abraham   

Forty-five years have passed and the U.S. is still in denial.  The Muslim brotherhood planted its tentacles in the U.S. by establishing its Muslim student associations in American universities. You would think the attack of 9/11 would have got America awakened to fight an ideology that has one thing on its mind – that is the destruction of our beloved nation and world domination. That did not happen.

The question is why? Due to the progressive liberal’s agenda to convert this nation into a communist country, they have diluted the education system where patriotism is a thing of the past. When a nation loses its focus of its own history, they lose the need to defend it and its way of life.  The liberals have been working to make our nation like Europe. Including the political correctness movement that has paralyzed common sense and neutralized truth. If you stand up for the truth, you will be targeted by the political correctness Gestapo.

Islamic agents have learned their tactics from the progressive liberals. They have infiltrated our government, education system, financial system, and some of our churches.  You might ask, do we have Shari’ah law in America? The answer is, YES.

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Stand Up For The Truth has many other excellent articles and radio programs on this subject, available on their website.

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