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From the Author’s Preface:

The purpose of Standing Firm in the Faith is very practical—to let Scripture stir people into action. The Bible says that Scripture is living and active. It can profoundly impact our lives if we allow it to. It has impacted my life greatly. I hope that Standing Firm in the Faith will encourage all of us to allow Scripture to affect the way we live our lives.


I believe that, because of the challenging times in which we live, many Christians need to be able to read Standing Firm in the Faith. Therefore, I have made the entire book available online at the following website. Please let people know about it. If you have a website, please feel free to link to it.


Although written for Christians (both new believers and old timers), Standing Firm in the Faith is also helpful for people who are considering the claims of Christianity.

James L. Morrisson
October 26, 2004