Christianity Under Threat

Here are two excellent articles from a fellow brother in Christ on the New Apostolic Reformation movement (sometimes called neo-charismatic or NAR, and not so new any more), with a quote from one of the articles by way of introduction:

“Christianity has been under attack since its inception. The enemy of our Faith is relentless in his war against the Church, determined to undermine the one message that threatens his kingdom. The Gospel of Christ Crucified is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe. Therefore the simplest way for Satan to maintain his dominion is to aim all his weapons at the Gospel. In every generation since Pentecost, this onslaught against Christ has raged. Truly, it seems that our current moment in history is unparalleled in the intensity and success of these attacks. 

The most dangerous threats to the Christian Faith do not originate in the secular world. Outside forces give the Church significant trouble, but these pressures and persecutions often serve to strengthen the faith of believers through suffering. Outside attacks bring the saints closer together for mutual support. The enemy knows this too well, so he employs other tools at his disposal. 

Yes, the greatest threats to the Church arise from within. Through false teachers, wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing, Satan works hard to defeat the Christian message. He comes against it in several ways. At some points he adds to the message and at other points he subtracts. Sometimes he obscures the cross altogether with a host of distractions. But the most pernicious threat in our time is the systematic redefining of the Christian Faith in general. “

Read the articles here at Dear Fellow Sheep:

Christianity Under Threat: The New Apostolic Reformation

Authority: Ground Zero of the New Apostles and Prophets Movement

The NAR movement has an increasingly pervasive influence in the wider church around the world, especially through it’s prolific music production, seemingly endless books, conferences and aggressive church planting (and church takeovers). It includes well-known church networks like Hillsong, Bethel, Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB), C3 and Passion City Church, as well as popular musicians such as Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Hillsong, Stuart Townend and many others.

The first article I’ve posted above has a number of links to other resources for further research. You can also search the NAR or New Apostolic Reformation in this blog and find a number of articles from a range of sources that are helpful in better understanding the movement. There are links in the blog roll to some excellent websites to further learn about the NAR and why it should be a concern to Christians around the world. Having seen the effects of this movement firsthand, on both churches and individuals, I cannot stress in strong enough terms how helpful it is to be aware of this movement, it’s teachings, its leaders so that we can reject it outright, and help others to avoid or escape from it.