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“In the various crises that have occurred in the history of the church, men have come to the front who have manifested a holy recklessness that astonished their fellows. When Luther nailed his theses to the door of the cathedral at Wittenburg, cautious men were astonished at his audacity. When John Wesley ignored all church restrictions and religious propriety and preached in the fields and byways, men declared his reputation was ruined. So it has been in all ages. When the religious condition of the times called for men who were willing to sacrifice all for Christ, the demand created the supply, and there have always been found a few who have been willing to be regarded reckless for the Lord. An utter recklessness concerning men’s opinions and other consequences is the only attitude that can meet the exigencies of the present times.”

There is coming a time and perhaps it is already here where many in the body of Christ in countries with little or no persecution will have to take a stand for truth in these end times. There will be such a strong apostasy that will overtake many churches, denominations and groups that the true body of Christ will be called out by God to meet together under the Headship of Jesus Christ. These gatherings will be led by servant leaders who know the true Shepherd and will lead the flock of God into holiness and purity.

There could be a time coming soon when even the weakest, simple believer in Jesus Christ will have to take a courageous stand for truth and God’s Word. Are you willing to stand amongst all those in Hebrews 11 that stood for faith and righteousness? Are you willing to stand with the millions of Martyrs before the throne of God?

from: Principles For the Gathering of Believers Under the Headship of Jesus Christ 

Gospel Fellowship have provided a free book called “Principles for Gathering True Believers Under the Headship of Jesus Christ”. It is available from the above link. You can read it online or download it (and print it if desired).

You can also downloaded from Kindle at Amazon.com:


From Amazon:

The Scriptures declare that the Gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. This preaching and spreading of the Gospel will be done not by the ingenuity of men, but by the working of the Spirit of God. Do you want to be involved with God’s work at the end of the age? God uses the simple to confound the wise. His ways are not our ways. We need revival in our countries like what we see in the underground house Churches in China. May God teach, gather, and raise a remnant for His glory.

Learn the following from this volume:
-Prepare for coming persecution in non-persecuted countries.
-Learn Principles of how to gather as the Church from the Book of Acts and current underground Churches.
-Access resources that will help your gathering or house Church meeting.
-Experience personal revival and the Spirit’s empowerment.

From the Foreword:
The time is now. Count the cost. You will be persecuted, tested, and tried. You will be misunderstood, hated by the world, and sometimes hated even by the members of your own household. There will be tears, heartache, tribulation, suffering and pain. But, you will be living for the One who is worthy of all, and whose eternal kingdom cannot be shaken nor ever fade away. You will have the privilege of serving the King of kings and the Lord of all lords. Moreover, you will one day have the awesome indescribable experience of seeing His glorious face and hearing Him call you by name as His own. – brother Brian

Some reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars Extremely Important Publication, July 6, 2013
Paul West “Pablo” (San Marcos, Texas)
” The church of Jesus Christ has been in dire need of a book like this for a very long time. I find the principles within to be true and pure guidelines in beckoning believers back to the apostolic pattern of New Testament gatherings. So wholesomely scriptural are they that I can hardly imagine the joy that would come from fellowshipping amongst believers who actually sought to abide by these principles faithfully. As it stands, they are to be endorsed unreservedly, as they are all Biblically-sound and absolutely Christ-centric. In truth, my heart yearns to be a part of such God-designed fellowship as promoted by this book while still on earth.”






5.0 out of 5 stars A Biblically honest exposition of a true church gathering – and much more,, July 1, 2013
Principles Book is very unique. It should not be assumed that there is another work like it for our modern times.
In the midst of the great apostasy in which we live, it offers a fresh breeze of truth-in-love. Several seasoned believers participated in this work for the benefit of the body at large, making it a genuine illustration of the whole body edifying itself by God’s grace-gifts in love. Every born-again believer would benefit greatly by reading this simple yet thorough presentation of what God desires for His people as we gather together, and how He designed that we should grow up and bear fruit as one.

Also, its warning of coming persecution throughout the world, particularly in the West, should be heeded as an authentic prophetic cry from the wilderness to every believer’s heart. Principles shares stories of today’s persecuted churches in North Korea, China, and the Middle East that should become common knowledge to every believer in the West since we will surely encounter much of the same as we see “the Day approaching.”

There is no pretense here, no ulterior motive. Principles simply represents an honest encouragement toward Christ-likeness according to the scriptures, including many examples shown through the early churches of Acts. As a complimentary companion to the Bible I believe Principles will aid many disciples of Jesus Christ into a greater, deeper knowledge of God, and how He would work among us to achieve His highest goal in these Last Days – His glory revealed on earth. 


This book is an encouraging resource for all believers, but is especially helpful for those without a church, or who run (or want to start) a home church or study group. It contains Bible teaching, hymns, guidelines for church life, ministry and fellowship, all solidly based on a traditional interpretation of New Testament Scripture. In preparation for difficult times ahead, this book and Gospel Fellowship project (including their blog) aims to equip believers in any situation.

One of the contributors to the project is Elliott Nesch of Holy Bible prophecy, whose writing and films I have posted on this blog. Another is the founder of http://www.sermonindex.net.THese are solid Bible teachers who are committed to equipping believers and reaching the lost…FREE OF CHARGE!!!

Please share this book freely with other believers. I pray that this resource will be a blessing for you or someone you know. Comments or feedback are welcome.

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