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Since the main purpose of my blog is to inform Australians about the state of the Church here, I figured it was time to include some local ‘talent’.

From the archives of Pirate Christian Radio, here is the first of of many podcasts of Lutheran pastor Chris Rosebrough’s radio program Fighting for The Faith to be featured at The Narrowing Path.

Chris is trained and highly skilled in biblical exegesis, teaching and apologetics. His program is humorous, informative and he faithfully and truthfully defends the Word of God. The series I am posting links to each include a review of a sermon by Brian Houston, the senior pastor of the powerful mega-church Hillsong in Sydney, Australia (and now around the world).

Comments and feedback are most welcome!! If you like Chris’ program, you can subscribe to his podcasts via iTunes…I can assure you it will be a valuable, free education. Please support his ministry if you feel so led.


SEPTEMBER 11, 2012



Program Segments

• David Crank’s Empty Words
• Bill Johnson’s Empty Words
• Vocation: The Spirituality of the Ordinary
• Sermon Review: Awareness That Sets You Up to Win by Brian Houston, Hillsong