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By Roger Oakland
Understand the Times, International

(Reposted from the Lighthouse Trails Research blog)


If our battle is not against flesh and blood, then why is it that when we are in conflicts here on this earth that flesh and blood always show up? What are the reasons for this? Is it possible for believers to be agents for darkness and not even know it? Is it possible for entire organizations to be misled because they have not kept their focus on Jesus Christ and His Word? How is it possible for believers and even leaders to believe they are following Jesus, when instead they are following man? These and other questions intrigue me. Only the Bible has the answers. And though, I am sure, not all of these questions will be answered fully in this life, we can gain the vital insights that we need from the Word of God. The book of Revelation, which has often been ignored for a lack of understanding, will prove to be more and more insightful in these last days before Jesus returns.

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Roger Oakland has been in the Lord’s service for many years, preaching the Word of God around the world. He is the author of several books and excellent teaching DVD’s addressing the Emergent Church, evolution/origins  and biblical prophecy. These are available here at the Lighthouse Trails online store, and are excellent value. I highly recommend the series below:

You can also read more about Roger at his ministry website Understand the Times International.