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The false teachings of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) are spreading like cancer through churches around the world, including here in Australia. I had come across hints of what is reported in Holly’s article below in my own research, but her article contains some of the most blatant examples of indoctrinating children into the cultist teachings and practices of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) that I have seen to date. If you think this is an exaggeration please make sure you check out all of the links in her article, or the ones I have included below the article.

Australian Christians, please stop assuming this is simply an overseas problem, or that it doesn’t affect you because you attend a Bible-believing church. We have a responsibility to warn our fellow brethren about false doctrine and false shepherds. Christians can be deceived. Read the Bible if you don’t believe me. I also speak from experience, not from a place of spiritual superiority!! All it takes is an elder, influential congregation member or new pastor/ministry leader to bring in some false teachings, or a current pastor in spiritual crisis to reach out for something more than the Word of God, and soon a church can find themselves in doctrinal disarray. We need to pray without ceasing for our beloved brethren and those yet to be gathered to Christ, and SPEAK OUT IN LOVE AND TRUTH!

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Children, Miracles, and Toilet Paper Mummies– Oh My!

August 7th, 2013 by Holly Pivec

child shockedYou may already know that apostles and prophets in the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movement promote spiritual exercises designed to help people tap into the Holy Spirit’s powers,  such as prophesying, healing the sick, and raising the dead. But did you know these same exercises are being taught to children?

A major reason they want children to develop supernatural powers is because of prophecies within the movement about children.

God is raising up a “spiritual delta force”—an elite company of children to lead His end-time army, according to prophets such as Rick Joyner, Bill Hamon and Catherine Brown.

Many of them teach that the present generation of children will make up the last generation of the church. So, they must be trained for their pivotal role in taking dominion. This training includes turning them into an army of miniature miracle workers. Joyner writes:

Young children will cast out demons, heal the sick, raise the dead, and divert raging floods with a word. Some will actually take dominion over entire hospitals and mental institutions, healing every patient in them by laying hands on the buildings. (The Apostolic Ministry, 168-172)

Read the rest of the article here, including a list and links to NAR “kids ministries”.


Here are a couple of less obvious links from Holly’s article that you may have missed, but that are important in assessing the NAR:

“Ignite the Fire” article from Charisma Magazine about Bill Johnson and Bethel Church in Redding, California.

Seth Dahl from Bethel Church, talking about HIS ministry and how HE is shaping the world and how HE is responsible for ensuring children encounter God:

For those who might not think this is here in Australia:

Kids in Ministry International

KIMI Australia and Director Anja Mendez

Anja Mendez, Director of KIMI Australia, joined the KIMI team in 2009.

Anja lives in Brisbane with her husband Angel. They have three sons. She has served in children’s ministry for over 25 years; eight of those as the children’s pastor of Dunamis Christian Center in Brisbane. Anja already carried the vision of ushering children into the presence of God and would see wonderful manifestations of the Spirit during their annual “Kids Kamps.” But as so often happens, within a few weeks, the “emotional impact” would wear off and the children went back to the way they were before camp. She knew there had to be more. God led her to the KIMI website where she began to read Becky’s books and use the KIMI curriculums. Finally she began to see the permanent lasting changes she had desired in her church children.

If you go to the KIMI website you will see that they are in Africa and Asia as well, and are but one of many such ministries.

This is deadly serious folks. If you are a Christian who knows your Bible, have you spoken out about these teachings yet? Do you know a church that has embraced them? Are you involved in such a church now? If so, I would like to hear from you…whether in Australia or around the world.

I will follow up this article with a series of articles addressing these issues here in  Australia. In the meantime, share the article if you think it will help someone else. Thanks and may the Lord bless your faithful service to Him.