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A challenging article on faith, God’s creation through Christ, and the problem of theistic evolution. (It spans 4 pages, which you can access at the bottom of the screen).

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‘Just say the Word’


Religion | Theistic evolutionists should accept, with centurion-like faith, that the sovereign Creator spoke the universe into being by the power of His Word, and His Word alone


Jesus heals a centurion’s servantEnlarge Image

1877 woodcut from a drawing by Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld (@iStockphoto.com/ZU_09)
Jesus heals a centurion’s servant

Into the continuing discussion of the earth’s origins in general and theistic evolution in particular comes John Hultink, a native of the Netherlands who has lived most of his life in St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada.


A WORLD subscriber and backer since its first issue, John is a real estate developer, book distributor, and publisher of books and newspapers. He has a keen interest in Christian education, philosophy, theology, and the application of biblical truth to all of life.


John graciously has allowed WORLD to publish his thoughts on how creation bears testimony against theistic evolution. —Joel Belz


“… just say the word, and my servant will be healed” (Luke 7:7).


Jesus is not given to exaggeration. Yet what He said about the Roman centurion recorded in Matthew (8:5-13) and Luke (7:1-10) appears to lean in that direction. Jesus said this centurion had faith that was greater than the faith of anyone in Israel. This claim would entail that the faith of this non-Israelite was greater than the faith of Peter, James, John, and the believing members of the synagogue. Such faith would bring this man into the company of Old Testament believers like Job and Abraham. Yet this centurion did not know Jesus personally. He was not even an Israelite. He did not consider himself worthy even to ask Jesus to come into his house. So what made his faith so remarkable?

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