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No sermon this week, but rather a heartbreaking tale of man’s rejection of God and salvation. For those who believe that all would choose salvation if only given the chance to hear the Gospel and repent, this will be a particularly challenging testimony.

Here is a moving account of the tragic death-bed of a hopeless universalist who has seen the error of his way, but refuses to pray to God for mercy. Ichabod Spencer (1797-1854) recounts this emotional scene with such vividness that you feel yourself an eyewitness to the scene. Hear this man plead with his younger brother not to follow his ways, and see him confront his father who raised him in the false doctrine of universal salvation. This is one of the most amazing incidents recorded in the book “A Pastor’s Sketches” which is filled with amazing incidents drawn from the pastoral journal of a remarkable pastor who was nicknamed THE BUNYAN OF BROOKLYN.
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