This is the testimony of the life of a faithful pastor, Rev. Ilidio Silva, whom God used mightily and who lived a humble life of service. This story is shared by his son, who himself is following the narrow path and experiencing the suffering it brings. It is important to remember those faithful servants of the Lord who have come before us, and to support those pastors that are standing firm and defending the faith now.

Note the absence of slick ministries, endless books or popular conferences in the life of Rev. Ilidio Silva. Yet God worked many miracles and saved many souls through the ministry of this humble man and his wife. What an awesome, Almighty God we serve.

Former Nazarene

Seven years ago today, my father passed away.  He never really got to know about all this emergent church stuff that is happening now.  It was already making its way into the denomination and into its universities, but by then he was already retired.  Even so, while he was pastoring until 1989, he was preaching the same way that he was preaching when he was first ordained.  My father was a serious Roman Catholic as a young man in the Cape Verde Islands, until he heard the Gospel and truly became born again.  He then later on became ordained in the Nazarene church, and preached the Gospel to many Catholics, showing them the way out of their false religion.

My father would have been appalled at what is going on now, as college presidents, theology professors, and many pastors, are embracing the very things that my father escaped from.  Instead…

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