Much needed truth, spoken in love.

Floating on Tiptoes

I’ve discovered some fantastic WordPress blog sites over the last week or so and I’m really enjoying reading them. There are so many talented writers and Biblically sound Christians. I am especially interested in the blogs that expose false teachers and teachings, as it raises awareness for those people deceived by them.

Despite the great blogs I’ve found, I feel such deep sadness. The majority of Christians writing these blogs write them in a manner that is so loving and informative. They base their writing on fact, and always back it up with Scripture. However, the response to these articles by those who are caught up in the false movements is so hateful. These people, who would claim to be Christian, spew filth in defence of their ‘church’ or teacher. They scoff at the Scriptures and make a mockery of those they believe to be their Christian brothers. They cry…

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