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I wonder if the author realizes just how accurate this headline is?

Zimbabwe: Another Gospel Channel On the Cards

Kingdom Embassy Ministries, led by Prophet Passion Java, is set to launch a 24-hour television channel called Kingdom Television (KTV) on November 21. KTV director Valentine Takawira said their aim was to preach the word of God to many nations since the aim of the church is to win more souls to God.


“Our aim for coming up with such a project is to minister the word of God to all nations considering television is a fast mode of evangelising,” he said.

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It causes me great sorrow to see the unrelenting spread of the false Word of Faith/NAR gospel, and to see millions of people around the world embrace it with deadly enthusiasm.

So many people  in this world are suffering, and desperately in need of the salvation that only comes from the Almighty God through his son Jesus Christ. Instead of being led to a saving relationship with Christ through the preaching of God’s Word, many are being deceived into false conversion by these ravenous WOF/NAR wolves and their endless TV programming, conferences and products.

I pray that our brothers and sisters in Christ in Zimbabwe will stand strong in the true faith, sharing the Gospel and speaking out courageously against these false teachings and abominable prophets. May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to uphold and encourage our precious brethren in Zimbabwe in his steadfast love and faithfulness, through the power of his Holy Spirit. And may He return soon!