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Brothers and sisters in Christ, please urgently pray for our persecuted brethren in Syria. Pray that they will stand firm in their faith, and that the Holy Spirit will minister to them mightily in this time of great suffering. Don’t be silent or feel helpless…God hears our prayers and is faithful to his people. He will never abandon them or ignore our heartfelt pleas for mercy and grace on behalf of our beloved brethren!

Practical support can be given through reputable Christian organisations such as the Barnabas Fund (barnabasfund.org). A second article is included in this post with suggestions and links to providing practical support.

World Turns Away as Rebel Massacres of Syrian Christians Intensify

Written by  Alex Newman (The New American)

The world media is increasingly losing interest in the foreign-fueled war still raging in Syria between the Assad regime and an assortment of Islamist rebel groups backed by the Obama administration, Sunni Arab dictators, and European powers. For embattled Syrian Christians, though — most of whom tried to stay out of the conflict — reports suggest the situation is deteriorating quickly, with over 1,200 documented murders so far, and almost 500,000 forced to flee their homes to escape the escalating violence and ruthless persecution. The real numbers are probably even worse.


Experts say the end goal of many jihadist rebel groups is to eradicate Christianity in Syria as part of the effort to create a fundamentalist Islamic state. Even factions of the Obama-backed “Free Syrian Army,” receiving vast amounts of Western aid under the guise of supporting supposed “moderates,” have been implicated in the anti-Christian atrocities by refugees cited in media reports. Like in Iraq following the U.S. government’s “regime change” operation, the Christian minority in Syria — about 10 percent of the population — could face potential extinction as Western powers continue to shower arms and support on Islamic rebels.

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From The Barnabas Fund:

Project(s): 00-1032

Country/Region: Middle East and North Africa, Syria

All Aleppo people are enduring the white Aleppo with heavy snow and bitter coldness and no fuel or electricity. It is minus 7-10.

Barnabas partner in Aleppo

Christians in Syria urgently need blankets, heaters and warm clothing as the region is hit by a winter storm that has brought heavy snow, rain and freezing temperatures. Launching a record appeal this week, the UN said that nearly half of those who remain in Syria are reliant on aid and this is expected to rise to nearly three-quarters next year.

Blankets from Barnabas were given out in time for winter
Blankets from Barnabas were given out in time for winter

Refugees living in camps in neighbouring countries and those displaced within Syria are suffering the most. When they fled their homes, they had to leave most of their possessions behind, so they are without winter clothing and other essentials.

They were already struggling as a result of a lack of food and adequate shelter, but the freezing weather has exacerbated their plight. A child is reported to have died from exposure.

And this is just the beginning of what meteorologists are forecasting will be one of the harshest winters in Syria for 100 years.

Barnabas is distributing warm clothing to Christian children in Syria
Barnabas is distributing warm clothing to Christian children in Syria

Anticipating the need for blankets, heaters and warm clothing, Barnabas Fund started distributing such items some weeks ago and the work is ongoing as the needs are vast.

Last month, we gave out 1,094 blankets in Wadi al-Nasara (“Valley of the Christians”), where many displaced Christians have sought refuge, and we are now distributing 3,000 more. And in Aleppo, which has been beset by power outages, leaving people without heating, we are giving out 1,500 heaters.

We have provided 1,880 Christians, mostly children, with coats and other warm clothes. One of the recipients in Aleppo said, “In helping us, you told us that Jesus, our Lord, has not abandoned us.”

Our partners bought the items in bulk before the cold weather set in, enabling us to get the goods at a lower price than expected and thereby allowing us to buy more.

In addition to facing difficulties created by the wintry conditions, the Syrian population is also at risk of starvation, according to a warning from the International Rescue Committee. Barnabas is continuing to provide around 30,000 Christians in Syria with food and other basic needs every month.

Will you help?

  • £11 buys a warm coat for a Christian child
    (€13; US$18; AUS$20; NZ$22)
  • £12 buys a thick blanket for a Christian family
    (€14; US$20; AUS$22; NZ$24)
  • £25 buys a food parcel to help a Christian family for one month
    (€30; US$41; AUS$46; NZ$49)
  • £31 buys a heater for a Christian family
    (€37; US$50; AUS$57; NZ$61)

Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, International Director of Barnabas Fund, said:

As the bitter winter season sets in, we are especially mindful of the suffering of our Christian family in Syria. Uprooted from their homes and exposed to the elements, they desperately need our help. Please consider making an extra Christmas gift this year to enable a vulnerable brother or sister to stay warm. It could save their life.

Please Pray:

  • Pray that temperatures will rise in Syria and Lebanon, where many Syrians are living in refugee camps.
  • Pray for all Syrians who are displaced from their homes, that they will receive the shelter and supplies they need to keep warm throughout the winter.
  • Give thanks that Barnabas recipients have experienced the practical love and care of their Heavenly Father through the provision of clothing and other items.

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