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This article is a worthy undertaking by Carol Brooks. It is comprehensive and examines the teachings and associations of the highly influential Rick Warren, pastor of mega-church Saddleback Church. The article contains within it many other articles and links, and is a must-read for Christians.

I have included further related links below the article introduction. These are resources that will help you in identifying the lies and deception of the ‘Purpose Driven’ movement, and better equip you to earnestly contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints (Jude 3, ESV).

Rick Warren’s Strange Bedfellows
Carol Brooks, In Plain Site

Are we supposed to believe that Rick Warren is ignorant of the goals of every event he speaks at? The beliefs of everyone he shares a stage with or whose book he endorses? Or should we consider the words of the prophet Amos… “Shall two walk together, except they have agreed?” [Amos 3:3]
Foreword: Several of the people that Rick Warren associates with, endorses, or shares a speaking platform with, have strong ties to New Age/occult beliefs. While this in no way proves that Rick Warren directly supports either New Age beliefs or any form of Eastern Religion or Philosophy, it does show that all too many of our so called church leaders, in spite of their high profiles, many books, dozens of conferences/speaking assignments and thousands of followers, have never grown from the status of bottle fed babies, cheerfully rushing in where angels fear to tread and blazing their own unbiblical paths. Spiritually blind, they know nothing of (or ignore) the dark side of the people they associate with.

Their relationship with, and endorsement of, men like Ken Blanchard sends the message to hundreds of thousands of Christians that these men are just regular guys. They are not. They are highly dangerous men with links to dark forces that the average Christian does not seem to be even dimly aware of. By introducing these people into the church they inadvertently introduce hundreds of thousands of Christians to the New (or very Old) Age menace, thereby endangering the souls of those they are supposed to protect.

Teachers are the shepherds of the church, charged with the care of their people and are therefore held to a higher standard. They are supposed to be bring right doctrine to the church, but when they lead their flock astray, the Bible tells us that they will be judged more strictly than other Christians.

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