From expositor Dr Steven Lawson’s One Passion Ministries blog, this is a beautiful tribute to the late Dr R. C. Sproul Sr, a dear brother in Christ who was greatly used of God. I am thankful for the many ways in which his life and ministry blessed so many, including myself.

Many excellent resources from Dr Sproul’s Ligonier Ministries are available here.

The R.C. I Knew


I am very privileged to have known Doctor Robert Charles Sproul. We know him as R.C. This titanic figure was an evangelical Atlas, a formidable theologian, prolific author, and endearing pastor who will long be remembered for his substantial and significant contribution to the course of evangelical Christianity over many decades.


In our day, there have been many Christian leaders who have been a flashing meteor in the sky. They have appeared for a brief moment on the scene, and then disappeared. But few men have been a fixed north star, who year after year and decade after decade, have provided gospel light from their many sermons, lectures, and books. R.C. Sproul has done just this. This gifted man has given the Christian world a lifetime of treasured resources that have shaped our knowledge of God.


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