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Another excellent article from John Caldwell’s blog, which follows on from his previous article “Does it Matter What Gospel We Accept?”.

Joyce Meyer hugely popular, and widely influential in many countries. She is one of many false teachers who has spoken at the annual conference of Brian Houston’s Hillsong cult here in Australia (see related article here). As Christians, it is our duty to use discernment to compare what pastors, teachers and authors are saying to the Word of God.

In this article, John exposes Joyce Meyer’s false teaching from a Biblical perspective.  This article has a wider application to the many similar false teachers out there, including Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, Brian Houston and countless others!

What is wrong with Joyce Meyer’s Teaching?

by John Caldwell

A few days ago, I posted an extract from a piece of writing I am working on which explores false teaching. Here is what I wrote:


“Whichever brand of false teaching was being peddled, the results were the same – they left those who fell for it worse off. Those who fall for the empty promises of false teaching always end up short-changed. Instead of deeper spirituality they end up with less spirituality; instead of freedom they find bondage and instead of greater spiritual experience, they find themselves robbed of genuine spiritual experience. False teaching will always draw people away from Christ; consequently those who embrace it will find themselves devoid of many of the blessings of Christ.”


Now, the extract above, simply summarises what the New Testament shows us about false teaching. I never named anyone, I never directed it at anyone, and I never even applied it to charismatic teachings. Hence, I was somewhat bemused when I received the following response from a loyal follower of all things extreme charismatic:


“You risk bringing the wrath of Almighty God upon you”


There were several other responses, none of them very coherent. However, the exchange emphasised an important truth for me, it seems the only unforgivable ‘sin’ in the modern charismatic world is for a believer to exercise discernment and question false teaching!

Read the rest of the article here.