Welcome to my new blog, the one I wasn’t going to start but have. It is a site to help people I know (particularly in Australia) connect the dots in relation to current issues facing Christians today, particularly in relation to false teachings within the Church, and ecumenism and interfaith activities. I have spent over 6 months researching these issues, and will only include links to the best sites and resources. Whilst links focus on biblical discernment and apologetic ministries, I have included some sites with great, reliable Bible teaching as well.

Also, some administration matters…firstly, not being a tech-head or one for reading instructions, it may be a while before this site can be organised in a useful way. In the meantime, let me know if you have any particular information you are hunting for. Feedback is welcome. At this stage the site is private and invitation only.

Update: Blog is now public, as you can see.