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A Special Commentary: Recent Events Show America’s Children in Grave Increased Danger of Sexual Abuse

A Special Commentary
by Deborah Dombrowski

As I read the headlines on the computer screen from an article a Lighthouse Trails reader had sent me the morning of July 6th, I remembered another headline I had seen just the day before. One was about a child pornography sex ring, and the other was about Obama. Putting those two stories together with this year’s earlier events of the Boy Scouts of America lifting the ban on openly homosexual scouts, I knew I would be writing an article myself, one that would be considered most un-politically correct by today’s standards. But that didn’t matter – it was the children I was concerned about.

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For a long time people have denied the link between homosexuality, pornography and paedophilia. The intent of this article is not to accuse but to warn…there is a link. Behind the scenes, a great evil is at work.