Those who truly believe the Good News forsake all for Christ as Disciples

It is a strange thing when one can embrace and understand the Gospel and it does not result in giving up everything to God because of this Good News. When we truly see the great sacrifice and love in God’s Son dying for us, this will change everything about our lives and we will freely give all. A famous missionary to Africa said in response to the Gospel: “In light of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ there is nothing too big I can give up, no sacrifice too big.”

God knows who are true disciples. There were many disciples that fell away from following Christ. Judas was considered a disciple but was actually a traitor.

“God knows who is a citizen of His kingdom and who is an impostor. We must accept His Word and live by it, aligning our lifestyle and choices to match the commands of the King. This is repentance.”

Disciples are those who have seen the cross. They have met with the living Christ. They have died to this present world. So now they live fully for the will of God. Disciples are those that shape their entire lives around the truths of the Bible. A disciple is called to obey all the commands of Jesus Christ to follow in all of His ways by the Spirit of grace.

Discipleship is not an option, it is the call for every believer in Jesus Christ. Disciples making more disciples is a principle of the Scripture.

To have one brother who preaches the Gospel is not the Biblical model but rather all of God’s people should be preaching the Gospel through their words and lives as obedient disciples. All the calls for discipleship in the four Gospels are 100% applicable to us as modern day Christians.

Whoever has ears, let him hear.

from: Principles For the Gathering of Believers Under the Headship of Jesus Christ

Reposted with kind permission from the authors.

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