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With its title taken from the writings of Rudyard Kipling, this documentary examines the destructive impact of the Insider Movement in Bangladesh (one of many places in the world where it is spreading). This movement encourages Muslim converts to remain Muslim in all other ways, including involvement in Islamic religious practices, festivals and even in their profession of faith. Reasons range from avoiding persecution to maintaining family ties and business opportunities. 

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In the last century, Christianity has grown dramatically in the 10-40 window. In Bangladesh, as Western colonies faded into history, young, dynamic leaders came out of Islam and into the Church. Bolstered by strong fellowship and an outspoken witness, Muslim-background Christians planted churches, started schools, translated resources and grew into a vibrant, visible, Christian church. But something else was lurking in the shadows.

Under the guise of contextualization, colonialism has evolved. Western missionaries are encouraging new believers to keep their faith ‘inside.’ Baptized Christians are going back to the Imams and back to the mosques. Rather than identifying themselves as Christians, they are calling themselves Isai or “Jesus” Muslims. Bibles are being produced that are omitting references to God as Father and to Jesus Christ as the Son of God. It is an idea that turns the gospel upside down, reversing what the Bible means when it calls people to turn to Christ and out of darkness and into the light.

No simple diatribe against accommodation, Half Devil Half Child calls the church in the West to remember who it is in Christ, a new creation that requires a wiser approach to missions and better use of our material blessings. This film challenges our taste for the comfort, ease and safety we enjoy.

It identifies what drives a movement that creates invisible Christians for an invisible and ineffectual Church, to the glory of Islam. It is a call to recapture for the West what has been known for millennia – that the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church. It reminds us to let our light shine before men that they may see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven.

Opposed by Muslims and these “insider” Western approaches, faithful men, called from Islam to Christ in His one and only church continue to plant churches, preach the Gospel, train new leaders, and love their enemies. Hear them speak of their love for Jesus Christ and the freedom of His Gospel. Hear them confess their one hope in Christ and one life in the triune God. Hear them express their desire for the bond of brotherhood born for adversity, knit together in life and death. Hear the deep meaning it has for our lives in a majority world country and the Christian church as we know it.

Journey to Bangladesh and meet the men who tell a story of deception and confusion, and of true faith. Join these men who are giving all they have to reach their nation with the faith delivered once for all to the saints, and – once for all – to light the 10-40 window.

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