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Does the Bible Condone Slavery and Sexism?

By pastor Jim Hamilton

from the blog For His Renown

Slavery and sexism are hot topics in the blogosphere.

Rachel Held Evans has made a name for herself by provoking complementarians and multiplying confusions about the Bible. She spent a year misinterpreting the Bible, then misrepresented what the Bible teaches in a book, then went on all the talk shows. The world loved it that this woman confessing to be a Christian told them all their prejudices about the Bible were justified. Now she’s famous, but what has she done to the Bible’s reputation? What has she done to the Lord’s reputation?

Earlier this year Thabiti Anyabwile and Douglas Wilson had a long, redemptive, exemplary discussion about slavery.

What if we examined these two issues, slavery and sexism, from the perspective of biblical theology? Does the Bible condone either?

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