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The Reformation We Need

BibleNone of us, as individuals or as local churches, has arrived. We all have need of continual repentance and reformation, knowing that sin easily entangles us and we all have different blind spot and unexamined presuppositions.

This sermon addresses three basic areas where men tend to go astray and exhorts all to repent and follow after Christ as revealed in the Scripture.

Voddie Baucham presents “The Reformation We Need” at the 2013 Founders Breakfast in Houston last month.


This is a much-needed exhortation addressing the necessity of Christ-centred preaching and ministry. Preached from the book of Revelation, in the power of the Holy Spirit, by Pastor Voddie Baucham of Grace Family Baptist Church.

It serves as a sobering reminder of how much Christian love and practical support we need to give our Pastors and church elders, particularly as they are surrounded by numerous pressures and temptations to assimilate into the world’s ‘church’.