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Transhumanism, Technocracy, Total Surveillance Society

hplusTran­shu­manism, Tech­noc­racy and Total Sur­veil­lance Society are show­cased in this 3 hour radio pre­sen­ta­tion with Patrick Wood, Carl Teichrib and Kaye Beach. It is a good primer and helpful to bring the lis­tener to a solid basic under­standing of what it all means.

On July 25, 2013, Patrick Wood guest-hosted a 3-hour pre­sen­ta­tion on the nation­ally syn­di­cated The Roth Show. The audio archive has been edited and con­densed, and may be played below.

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“The August Fore­cast pro­vides a suc­cinct look for­ward to ana­lyze trends relating to mar­kets, eco­nomics, pol­i­tics and finance; The August Review is an his­tor­ical review of global elitism, its players and policies.”

The August Forecast & Review website contains many excellent articles which define and discuss technocracy, transhumanism, globalization and other global political and socioeconomic issues by editor Patrick Woods. With over 30 years experience, The August Forecast provides balanced, reliable and easy to understand information on these fascinating and important topics.