And finally, part 3.
It is amazing how controversial it is for a pastor to do his God-given job in a biblical way. The promised hatred and persecution for following Christ exists in the West folks. Please, know the Scriptures, find some fellow brothers and sisters in Christ (in person or online if you have no other way), and trust that our glorious Saviour through his Holy Spirit will guide you, and help you stand firm in your faith to the very end.

If you haven’t yet put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, or have strayed from the narrow path, please don’t waste another minute. Repent of your sin and ask for the Lord’s forgiveness. Seek God, read the Bible and pray for eyes to see and ears to hear His truth. Our Sovereign God is rich in grace and mercy, and does not wish for any to perish. But perish we will if we reject Him and his Son, Jesus Christ.

And stop in anytime for a chat.

Church Is Messy (and that's a good thing)

Last week I published two articles as a caution against false teachers with some tips on how to recognize them.  I wrote these for my church.  My intent was to lovingly serve them and honor my New Testament charge to guard against false teachers.  I had no idea that anyone, other than those close to me, would be interested.  No one was more surprised than me by the whirlwind that ensured.

These posts were shared around the world.  After more than 550,000 views the number of readers, re-posts and Facebook shares continues to climb–rapidly.  That is both awesome and overwhelming.  I have received messages from pastors across our country and from around the world.  There have been more than 1,000 comments. Some are encouraging; some are angry, but many are laced with confusion and questions that deserve an answer.  My hope is to respond over the next couple of weeks…

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