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Okay, now for some tough articles. Stay tuned. Comments are welcome here. The next article will share my own experience. The comments for each article from Delight in Truth are also worth taking the time to read. I hope they are a blessing and a challenge to you.

Delight in Truth

Dear Delight in Truth readers, please glance at the above chart and be shocked.

Be amazed that professing Christians can hold neutral and perhaps even favorable views with respect to the abomination of abortion.

The Pew Research Center did telephone interviews in March/April 2013 with a random sample of 4,006 US adults and asked them various questions about controversial matters.  On abortion, 49% of Americans believe it is morally wrong with a few percentage points higher among women than men.

The statistics get interesting when broken down by race and religion (denomination of Christianity).

As expected, evangelicals (Baptists, Pentecostals, Charismatics, some Reformed, nondenominationals) view abortion as morally wrong in high numbers.  But 25% of them still view it as morally neutral or right despite the fact that evangelical churches overwhelmingly preach the pro-life position.

The most disappointing statistic is among white mainline Protestants (some Lutherans, United Methodist Church, Quakers, Presbyterian…

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