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There has been an interesting voter poll on the ABC website. They assure anonymity… lucky I resisted the ‘nah, just kidding’ trap at the end where they entice you to give them your email address by offering to email you your personal results? Hmmm…clearly they are assuming I was educated in their national education system. I wasn’t! 🙂

Okay, here is the article.

ABC News

21 things Vote Compass reveals about Australians

Please note that the ABC is massively biased towards the left. Or is it the right? I can never remember. Not that it matters.

Anyway, I digress. I completed the survey (leaving out the demographic information, of course – do people seriously think these things are anonymous?). It rather cheekily asked me who I planned to vote for, both in the Senate and the House of Representatives. At this rate, they should be able to work out who wins the election before the bulk of the electorate has actually voted. Ironically, it only offered a choice of the three main parties. Whaaat? Rather presumptuous, and entirely revealing of the true situation, or so I thought.

I digress again. The point of all this was to share some insight into the Australian social and political landscape, for my overseas readers. Two things that glared at me…the overwhelming support for assisted suicide, the majority support for gay marriage, and the significant concern over live exports. Wait, that’s three. No mention of the position on abortion. Nope, that’s four. Wow, reading this post is going to be like reading election promises.

My fellow brothers and sisters overseas, if you thought with great envy that we Australian were living in a socialist utopia, don’t feel left out. You aren’t missing much. Just great beaches and a crumbling society. Sigh…it makes me want to skip the election tomorrow and spend the day praying for our brothers and sisters in the Middle East, Nigeria and the Sudan. Somehow, it seems more good would come of that.