The march towards Rome continues. What reformation, I hear you ask?

Former Nazarene

If you research the history of the popes, you will find a trail of some of the most wicked behavior in the lives of any human being, never mind those professing to be the “voice of God on earth.”  Others through the years have led scandal free lives, although at the same time propagating heresies that have helped lead many straight to hell.  Now the world has their  newest pope (Francis) whose election prompted many “evangelicals” to further damage the cause of Christ by praising his selection.  Such is the state of apostasy that reaches into the very pulpits of our churches.

The Church of the Nazarene (and other denominations) is now embracing Roman Catholicism as being on a par with its own theology.  This was illustrated clearly when a popular theology professor, Mark Maddix, told me and my friend Tim Wirth that the Roman Catholic Church preaches the same…

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