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In lieu of my usual Sunday sermon, here is a Bible study (including video) not to be missed, with more segments to look forward to in the coming days.

In light of the new yet ancient religion of personal experience, Rob’s sound biblical teaching is a cool drink in the middle of a desert. That’s the beauty of the Word of God, preached faithfully by His obedient servants. It quenches our thirst for truth and nourishes our souls.

It is also excellent background to understanding the original temptation of experience-based spirituality, now found deeply entrenched in the visible ‘Christian church through emergent teachings, contemplative spirituality, new age and eastern mysticism, and the revelations and dreams of the charismatic movement. I list these as if they are separate belief systems, but they are not. They are one, preaching a false gospel of experience as new revelation, a unified consciousness which condemns separation and exclusivity.

The father of lies seeks to unite humanity in rebellion against our Creator. It is becoming clear to many believers how he is doing this, and Rob clearly illustrates through the Scriptures how this started in the Garden of Eden.

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SIH STSTA ICONShould we trust the Word when we lack life experiences?


Throughout our lifetime, we are called upon to choose between trusting the revelation of God’s Word or placing our faith in our life experiences.  Phrased another way, are we to make our life decisions based upon what our senses have revealed to us, or do we look to God’s Word as the only unquestionable  standard by which our life is to be directed?

This is study I would like us to come to an understanding of God’s will on this all important issue.  There will be three parts to our study for us:

1.  Should we trust the Word when we lack life experiences?
2.  Should we trust the Word instead of our life experiences?
3.  Should we trust the Word based upon Biblical revelation?


And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of…

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