Christians, please pray for our brother and sisters in Christ who through His spirit have the courage to call Him Lord even though it means persecution and even death. Their suffering is a witness and a challenge to us, that we might be encouraged to also be open about our faith regardless of the consequences. This article highlights the very real dangers of a religion that is fast being accepted around the world in its ‘peaceful’ form. Let us pray that the witness of our suffering brethren in places like Syria might act as a wake up call to those Muslims who abhor violence, that the Lord might open their eyes to the truth so that they might be saved. There are many echoes of Nazi Germany in what we are seeing in the world right now. Praise God for those Muslims who have risked their own lives and reputations to protect God’s people. May the Lord have mercy on them and bless them for their kindness.

Delight in Truth

As you read this words, people across the Muslim world are coming to Christ.  At the same time many of them know full well that converting to Christianity means committing the capital offense of apostasy against Islamic law. They have basically signed their death certificate.

From that point forward any Muslim has the Sharia-given right to kill them if they do not convert back to Islam.

There are countless stories online of children being disowned by their families and running away from home to avoid honor killing. In many of these situations their family will make up a story that their child has died in an accident in order to avoid the stigma of having a Christian person in their midst, and to actually avoid violence against themselves.

Jesus was well aware of this tragic situation when he walked the Earth two thousand years ago and spoke very clearly about…

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