A post from earlier this year, but it is worth putting Hillsong and Brian Houston’s false teachings in the spotlight to expose their error and the spiritual danger they pose. Brian Houston is a wolf who doesn’t even bother to wear his sheep’s costume any more. Chris Rosebrough from Fighting For The Faith reviews Brian’s ‘message’, to which the Hillsong Church Watch have kindly provided the audio AND transcript. Thanks!

Too many churches here in Australia are allowing, nay, encouraging their members to head up to Hillsong each year for their heresy-laden conferences. Those same false teachings are defiling churches and shipwrecking the faith of many, all around Australia. There is no place for silence on these matters in the true Body of Christ.

Hillsong Church Watch

Chris Rosebrough reviews Brian Houston’s sermon “When Some Thing’s Done Don’t Stop” on his ‘Fighting For The Faith’ radio program. He accuses Houston of “a damnable sin” by “twisting… God’s Word” and making “a passage about the sufferings of Christ on the cross for our sins… about well you – narcissistic eisegesis”. Why did Rosebrough react the way he did to Brian Houston’s sermon? Are his comments justified by Houston’s teaching and behaviour?

FEBRUARY 20, 2012



• Ed Young gives fashion advice to innovative pastors & then denies that he’s gimmicky
• William Tapley explains how Whitney Houston’s death is a warning from God.
• Vagina Monologues performed in church
• Sermon Review: When Something’s Done Don’t Stop by Brian Houston of Hillsong

Source: Pastrixes Perform Vagina Monologues, http://www.fightingforthefaith.com/2012/02/pastrixes-perform-vagina-monologues.html, 20/02/2012. (Accessed 10/02/2013.)

You can also hear the segment here.

A transcript of the sermon can be read here:

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