False teachers such as these are without excuse. Please don’t defend them. They do not repent of their false teachings. They smilingly lead people to hell. These are not merely ‘differences of opinion’. These are ravenous wolves making merchandise of people. Speak out against them, even to your non-Christian friends…who often can see them for what they truly are.

Former Nazarene

What if a Bible teacher:  teaches that there are many paths to God; does not know whether Muslims will go to heaven or not; and does not believe in the proper biblical teaching of the Trinity,  but instead teaches that the Trinity is “God manifesting Himself in three different ways, or “modes.”​​

What if a Bible teacher:  refuses to answer whether homosexuality is sinful; refuses to say whether homosexuals will not go to heaven; and cannot say for sure who goes to heaven or not, even atheists;  and teaches that “following your dreams” is what will make your life happy.

What if a Bible teacher: teaches that Jesus was tormented in hell by demons; believes he/she believes they do not sin anymore; and that you cannot be saved unless you believe that Jesus went to hell.

Would you accept any of these teachers as legitimate Bible teachers?  Would…

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