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I have not read this book yet, so feedback is welcome from anyone who has read it, or can beat me to it…

A Reformed Approach to Science and Scripture, A New Free eBook from Keith Mathison

from Dec 03, 2013  Ligonier Resources

How old is the universe?” This question was raised during our 2012 National Conference and Dr. R.C. Sproul gave a brief and insightful response. In the summer of that year we asked Dr. Keith Mathison if he could pen a blog series to expand on Dr. Sproul’s comments. Given the importance of the subject matter and the response that series received, Dr. Mathison agreed to turn his work into a short book that we have decided to exclusively publish digitally as a free downloadable eBook.

I am grateful for Keith Mathison’s treatment of these matters in this book—not only for his kind defense of my position (which is not original with me) but for his lucid exposition of the issues faced today in apparent conflicts between religion and science. Keith provides the necessary foundation for resolving these issues.” —R.C. Sproul

In A Reformed Response to Science and Scripture, Dr. Mathison tackles a topic that has long been a subject of debate, aiming to equip Christians to approach questions pertaining to science and Scripture with grace, humility, and patience.

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