A poetic reflection for us all to ponder this Christmas…

CHRISTian poetry ~ by deborah ann

Star used with permission Creation Swap

This Christmas . . .

Let us be as the Wise Men,
who came from afar . . .
let us each search for God
right here where we are.

He’ll lead us with His Word,
His Spirit will show the way
just as the star led the Wise Men
to baby Jesus Christmas day.

Let’s give our hearts to Jesus,
like Wise Men offer up our praise
as we worship and adore Him
let our treasures to Him be raised.

Let’s surrender to Him our life,
give Jesus everything we hold
our worldly sacrifices to Him
are more precious than any gold.

Let’s bring to Him our prayers,
our hopes, plans and dreams
let the aroma of frankincense
rise up to the King who redeems.

Let’s give Him all our pain,
heartache, grief and suffering
let the fragrance of  myrrh
be our thankful offering.

Let us be as the…

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