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An excellent article from John Caldwell’s blog, based on Galatians 1:

Does it matter what Gospel we accept?

One Commentary on Galatians has referred to the New Testament as a “bad-tempered book.” This is especially true of Paul’s letter to the Galatians. Martin Luther’s commentary on Galatians has been referred to by one minister as ‘A Gospel for a wounded conscience’. How do we reconcile these two perspectives? Both are true: Galatians is both polemical and pastoral. In other words the aim of Galatians is to:

  1. Defend the true gospel
  1. Contend against false gospels
  1. Strengthen the church through the proclamation of the true gospel

This exposition of Galatians chapter one will explore three main areas:

  • The Crisis
  • The Consequence
  • The Cure

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