A great article from C3 ChurchWatch warning of more poison being peddled to the women of Australia. Yet again the false church offers false doctrine and false hope to the perishing, and has the gall to charge money for the privilege.

C3 Church Watch

Who is Dr. Caroline Leaf?

Once again, absurdity has gripped the leadership of C3 Church Oxford Falls. This time,  Chris Pringle will be introducing yet another spurious ‘speaker’ to many Christian women who attend their Everywoman conferences worldwide.

Chris Pringle openly endorses Caroline Leaf and has invited Dr. Leaf to be keynote speaker at the 2014 EveryWoman’s Conference

Source: Everywoman Events, My C3 Church, http://www2.myc3church.net/category/everywoman-events,
Image 1: http://www2.myc3church.net/sites/default/files/images/664%20X%20360_EW%20WEB%20BANNERS.png,
Image 2: http://www2.myc3church.net/sites/default/files/images/EW%202014_980%20X%20370%20SPECIAL%20GUEST.png. Accessed 11/09/2014. 

Who does Caroline Leaf endorse and what does she believe in?


Let’s see where Dr. Caroline Leaf begins her ascent up the celebrity speaker ladder within the Evangelical Industrial Complex. Let’s start from the lowest rung to the top and see where it takes us.

Marilyn Hickey

Here is Dr. Caroline Leaf on a show with the the infamous WOF heretic Marilyn Hickey (both she and Phil Pringle sit on David Yonggi’s Church Growth International board).

As you can see, Dr. Caroline Leaf spouts a lot of New Age nonsense that cannot be backed up in her…

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