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Christmas verse

It is a joy to share yet another outstanding sermon from the late Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones, explaining the state of the world from a biblical perspective, and proclaiming the good news of salvation through our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Incidentally, this is also an excellent apologetic sermon which could be used to share the gospel with someone this Christmas! (You will need to listen to the whole sermon to understand why it is titled “The Wrath of God”.)

Sermon Title: The Wrath of God 

Scripture: Acts 8:5-12

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David Martyn Lloyd-Jones (December 20, 1899 – March 1, 1981) was a Protestant Christian who headed much of the evangelical movement of the 20th century. He stood firm against what he saw as false liberal doctrines that had become a part of the Christian denominations of Wales and England. He believed strongly that reformed evangelical Christians ought to leave the old denominations as a protest against what he perceived to be the increasing adoption of loose, unbiblical doctrines by mainstream churches. (from sermonaudio.com)

Dr Lloyd-Jone’s sermons are also available for free download and broadcasting at the MLJ Trust website (mljtrust.org).