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An update on Mark Driscoll, from The Aquila Report:

Mark Driscoll gave a sermon at the Thrive Conference on “struck shepherds.”

Pastor Mark, just go away. I mean this with all Christian sincerity. Go away and heal. Go away and repent. Restoration has nothing to do with your ministry. It has to do with your walk. Based upon your sermon, you still have not repented of the role you played in the tragedy of Mars Hill. You know enough Scripture to know that you will answer for every sheep God gave you. Every single person in that pile of dead bodies – you will give account for. You are not the victim here. You played the role of the wolf. Maybe you did not intend to. It does not matter.

“Awake, O sword, against my shepherd, against the man who stands next to me,” declares the Lord of hosts. “Strike the shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered; I will turn my hand against the little ones. – Zechariah 13: 7 (ESV)

It has been a little over six months. That’s it beloved, just six short months. After avoiding responsibility for years, Mark Driscoll returned to give a sermon after six short months in exile. His venue was the Thrive Conference, held annually at Bayside Church in California. This conference is billed as the “go-to conference for pastors and leaders.” What better speaker they imagined than the recently disgraced former pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle Washington.

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Here is Chris Rosebrough’s review of Mark Driscoll’s sermon, featured on Fighting for The Faith:

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