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Tonight I stumbled across news of a well-known and much-loved pastor, Tullian Tchividjian, who has resigned as pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church due to an affair he has recently admitted to. I am profoundly saddened for Tullian and his wife, his family, and his congregation. I know all too well how such situations can hurt many, many people. I am also reminded that as Christians we should be grieved by sin; grieved by its offense to God and to each other, appalled at its ugliness and evil, and ever aware at how eagerly it crouches at our own door. I was greatly encouraged to find the following two reflective pieces from fellow Christians, one who attends Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. They articulate the good news of Christ’s grace and forgiveness, available to us when we fall into sin and are truly repentant, without minimising the seriousness of sin. I thought they were worth sharing as examples of Christian responses to such news stories… From Sunny Shell’s “Abandoned to Christ” blog:

What an encouragement, that God has promised to faithfully forgive us when we confess our sins to Him! May we never fail to be truly grieved when we sin against God, our holy and loving Creator and Saviour.