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From Steven Kozar’s Messed Up Church blog at the Pirate Christian site, this is great summary article of Andy Stanley’s false teaching and ongoing attacks on the Word of God and the Body of Christ, his church. Andy Stanley is hugely influential in the visible church, including in church leadership and church growth. Here are some reasons why that is a huge problem…

The Andy Stanley Cornucopia of False Teaching, Fast Talking and Postmodern Ambiguity

By Steven Kozar

Andy Stanley is one of America’s top pastors; he is probably one of the top three most influential pastors in the U.S.A. today. Unlike many of the more blatantly heretical pastors that are critiqued on Pirate Christian Media, Stanley has a very mainstream reputation and following. Most Evangelical Christians can’t even imagine that he might be leading them astray because much of what he says sounds pretty good; it sounds pretty “normal.” He is seen as a pastor who is simply taking traditional, Biblical Christianity into the future by re-packaging it and re-interpreting it for non-Christians. Because Stanley works hard to appeal to a postmodern audience, much of what he says can be interpreted multiple ways, so there is much disagreement about his teaching and what he “actually means.” This kind of confusion is not good.


  • On one hand, he says that “it’s next to impossible to defend the entire Bible,” and says that “the Bible is not the foundation of our faith;” but he later tells his audience how he loves the Bible and reads it every day.
  • He claims that pastors should “take the focus off the Bible on put it on the resurrection,” but we know about the resurrection because it’s written about in the Bible. Stanley seems incapable of simply saying that the Bible is God’s Word and it’s historical dependable.
  • He repeatedly claims that the early church had no Bible at all until well into the third century, even though that is historically incoherent and dishonest. The early church had the separate books of the Bible before they were bound together in one volume.

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At the end of the article are a large number of excellent resources relating to Andy Stanley, which I encourage you to check out for yourself. Please pass them on to anyone else who will read them!