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Article reposted from The Telegraph (UK)

Now or never for a two-state solution

The increase in Jewish settlers in the West Bank will soon prevent any deal – but a separate Palestine would benefit Israel, says David Blair

US Secretary of State John Kerry (left) with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

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US Secretary of State John Kerry (left) with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Photo: AFP/GETTY

Of all the gruelling and thankless tasks that a superpower’s chief diplomat could take on, none compares with launching yet another attempt to settle the Arab-Israeli conflict.

When John Kerry, the US secretary of state, boarded his plane to go home on Friday, exhausted by four days of marathon meetings with the Israeli and Palestinian leaders during his sixth visit to the Middle East since March, his delighted entourage broke into spontaneous applause.

What was their boss’s great achievement? Well, Mr Kerry had found a formula allowing the two enemies to actually meet in the same room and talk peace for the first time since 2010. When it comes to diplomacy in the Holy Land, this is what counts as a victory.

So why has Mr Kerry embarked on this new endeavour despite history’s thunderous warning that failure is close to inevitable? Is the latest burst of shuttle diplomacy simply a high-profile exercise in futility? In reality, there is more to this than meets the eye. The stark truth is that Mr Kerry could be the last secretary of state with any chance of settling the Arab-Israeli conflict. If he fails, then none of his successors may even have the option of trying.

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Following this poast is another article relating to comments made by Palestinian Authority Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud Al-Habbash in an televised sermon on Friday.These comments paint a very different picture of what the future holds if any “peace” agreement is reached and Israel is once again divided. It is certainly possible that what we are seeing is the beginning of the further fulfilment of biblical prophecy in relation to Israel in the last days.