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This is a thorough, biblical book review from Pastor Gabe Hughes, exposing the lies William Paul Young tells about God. Pastor Gabe is the Pastor of First Baptist Church of Junction City, Kansas who also provides online Bible teaching, videos and a podcast at When We Understand the Text.

Young, the author of The Shack, is being enthusiastically promoted by influential false teachers like Brian Houston of the Hillsong empire, whose band Hillsong United wrote a song for the heretical, blasphemous movie. Young’s new book exposes the actual beliefs behind much of what calls itself Christianity today, so it is well worth taking note of. For anyone who doubts that Hillsong and other charismatic/emergent movements are teaching a false universalist gospel, the evidence is in plain sight.

As Christians, we need to speak the truth in love and have the courage to let people know that the god of William P Young (and Hillsong) is not the Living God, and that this false gospel cannot save anyone. Christians, please stop singing Hillsong songs in church and financing the spread of this kind of false teaching. In doing so, you are unwittingly singing songs written to a false god.

Lies We Believe About God (a review of the new book by The Shack author William Paul Young)

Excerpts from Pastor Gabe’s article:

Hot on the release of the mediocre film The Shack (18% approval rating by critics on Rotten Tomatoes, 6.8 viewer rating on IMDb), the book’s author William Paul Young has released Lies We Believe About God. It came out March 7, less than a week after The Shack hit theaters.

If there was any question about Young’s theology, this book leaves no doubt. Personally, I had no questions about what Young believes about God — it’s all in The Shack. But this hasn’t stopped scores of people from defending the book/movie as “just a story.” For example, rapper Lecrae, featured on the film’s soundtrack, defended it as just fiction and not theology, as though fiction gets a pass when it comes to the scrutiny God commands we are to give everything (1 Thessalonians 5:21).

All of Young’s chapters in the book are “lies we believe about God.” There are 28 of them, chock full of man-centered doctrine. It’s not kind-of man-centered. It’s all man-centered. Here are ten of the titles of these chapters and the theology they contain. Again, the titles are all “lies” Young says most people believe about God.

Read the rest of the article here.

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