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A midweek sermon…a much-needed message for Christians and those who believe they are but may not actually be. This sermon convicts, exhorts and encourages through the power of God’s word, addressing the fact that failing to understand God and his nature – especially His glory, His holiness, His righteousness and His sovereign power – is disastrous for mankind. Without this understanding, which God himself grants, man has no hope and cannot make sense of the Scriptures.

Dr Lloyd-Jones explores the reasons why man rejects the core doctrines of scripture – creation, atonement, sin and salvation. Truly, he speak to unbelievers and believers alike, and particularly to those who call themselves Christians yet in the same breath say things like ‘I can’t accept a God who would…” and in the end create their own false god to better suit their limitations. This message contains a challenge for all of us – to be awed and humbled by the God who created us, who sustains all things, and who has offered us salvation at the cost of his only Son, Jesus Christ. And to respond with appropriate reverence, worship, obedience and love.


Why the world does not accept the Gospel; unpopular doctrines; God the Creator; the greatness of God; why some have no conception of sin.