A helpful, thought-provoking and humorous post from a sister who knows what she’s talking about and shares Christ’s love with sinners (yep, that’s all of us) daily.


I attended a conference on ministry this week that included a session called “Living in the Tension,” which was designed to guide us in ministering to gay peoples.  Like most areas of the country, that’s happening here in the Great Northwest on occasion.  The discussion reconfirmed a couple truths.

First, when people tell you that Christians hate gay people, they are big fat liars.  You may have had an encounter with a “Christian” who misused that verse in Leviticus and applied it to the person and not the behavior who called you an abomination or some other judgement soaked, holier-than-thou embarrassment.  If you have, would you please accept this sinner’s apology on behalf of Christ?  You are a fellow image-bearer of my God and cherished by Him.  If however, you are passing judgment on the All Of Them scale by one or two nasty encounters with “Christians” you are…

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