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This excellent article is wonderfully pastoral, gentle in its tone and very thoughtful in its wording. Most importantly it is unwavering in its presentation of biblical truth as it pertains to this sensitive issue. In fact, there is much to be gleaned in this article for all who are sinners. Including me. And you.


Since I began addressing the apologetics put forth by so-called gay evangelicals, I have received many emails and comments asking me to expand upon some of the things I had written in response to their arguments. I wanted to compile a list of the most “Frequently Asked Questions” I have received since engaging gay “Christian” apologetics.

Why do you put the word “Christian” in quotes when you describe gay “Christian” apologetics?

Quite simply I do not believe a person can be a Christian and a practicing homosexual. A person is seriously deceived if that individual believes he or she can be submitted to the Lordship of Christ and yet at the same time promote a lifestyle that is clearly condemned in Scripture as being a deviate sin against God’s holiness and created order. Christ is Lord over all areas of a person, including his or her sexuality, and He…

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