A fascinating article from the secular media on meditation and its dangers. Please also take some time and read the related articles I have provided links for below this article. Some are written by Christian authors, one by a Catholic priest, and others by people who actively participate in meditation but warn of its dangers. It isn’t hard to see that dark and deceiving spiritual forces are at work in many contexts where meditation is practiced. With such a diverse range of sources providing detailed warnings to the public, why are we allowing these dangerous practices to be taught to our children in schools?

The Dark Knight of the Soul

For some, meditation has become more curse than cure. Willoughby Britton wants to know why.

Chris Helgren/Reuters

Set back on quiet College Hill in Providence, Rhode Island, sits a dignified, four story, 19th-century house that belongs to Dr. Willoughby Britton. Inside, it is warm, spacious, and organized. The shelves are stocked with organic foods. A solid wood dining room table seats up to 12. Plants are ubiquitous. Comfortable pillows are never far from reach. The basement—with its own bed, living space, and private bathroom—often hosts a rotating cast of yogis and meditation teachers. Britton’s own living space and office are on the second floor. The real sanctuary, however, is on the third floor, where people come from all over to rent rooms, work with Britton, and rest. But they’re not there to restore themselves with meditation—they’re recovering from it.


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A selection of related articles for further consideration:


Out of Your Mind: Meditation and Visualization by Marcia Montenegro

Mindfulness and Children by Marcia Montenegro

Can Meditation Be Bad For You? by Mary Garden, The Humanist

Meditation Dangers: Things You Should Know and Prepare For by Simona Rich

Innocent Yoga? by John Ankerberg

The Dangers of Centering Prayer by Rev’d John Dreher of the Catholic Education Resource Centre (‘centering prayer’ is a Catholic mystic tradition, and is essentially ‘christianized’ meditation)

Constructive feedback and relevant testimonies are welcome in response to any of these articles. It appears that there is a big push within the scientific world to prove that meditation has all sorts of health and anti-aging benefits, and if successful such research will only further the cause of providing spiritual direction in the guise of medical treatment or social development.