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A follow-up article from Pastor Gabriel Hughes, in response to Darren Wilson’s defense of his film “Holy Ghost” (Darren’s original blog post is linked in the article below). My thanks again to Pastor Hughes for his willingness to speak out about this film, which is leading so many people into heretical beliefs and dangerous spiritual experiences that are not of God.

Responding Again to the Documentary, “Holy Ghost”

It was brought to my attention recently that filmmaker Darren Wilson, who created a blasphemous documentary entitled Holy Ghost, wrote a blog that seems to respond to the critical review I wrote of the film. Whether or not he had my review in mind, many others have made some of the same accusations that I first made, pointing out the film falls far short of presenting the truth of the Holy Spirit. It is false teaching.Rather than listen to sage counsel, Wilson tries to explain himself be responding to three of the most common questions (criticisms?) about the movie. I present those questions below as well as my own response, once again warning everyone reading to stay away from this wretched documentary. If you haven’t yet, please read my review by clicking here. Wilson’s comments from his blog are indented in italics, and my response follows…
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