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This is an excellent article, addressing the important issue of theological content of worship songs to which I give a hearty AMEN! My children and I have been blessed by the teaching of God’s word through music. The issues the author raises need addressing, especially in the light of the wide-scale popularity of music from heretical movements such as Hillsong and the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movements.

I have included some excerpts and the link to the main article below, as well as two two helpful follow up articles by the author, Dan Cogan.

My Journey Away from Contemporary Worship Music

Excerpts from original article:

“I have been what many would call a “worship leader” for close to two decades. When I first became involved in “worship ministry” in an Assemblies of God youth group we sang such songs as The Name of the Lord Is a Strong Tower, As the Deer, Lord I Lift Your Name on High, and others of the era of the 1980s and 90s. Ours was considered a stylistically progressive church since we used almost exclusively contemporary songs.”

“Over the years when I would occasionally hear a hymn, the language was always strikingly foreign, with Ebenezers and bulwarks, diadems and fetters. Which only served to confirm my bias that hymns were simply out-of-date. They had served their purpose. They had run their course.”

“The problem with my youthful logic only began to dawn on me about seven years ago. I had come to recognize that these ancient hymns accomplished something that the new songs weren’t. While contemporary worship seemed to take the listener on an exciting and emotional rollercoaster, the old hymns engaged the mind with deep and glorious truths that when sincerely pondered caused a regenerated heart to humbly bow before its King.”

Read the full article here.

Here are links to two follow up articles, written in response to comments and questions received from the main article: FAQ’s Part 1 and FAQ’s Part 2.

Here is a follow up comment from Dan:

Engaging the Mind and the Heart