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Another excellent article from Denny Burk. In particular, Denny confirms Scriptural truth as the necessary foundation for determining pastoral care approaches:

“One can hardly bypass biblical truth in formulating a pastoral response to homosexuality. It would be like a doctor prescribing treatment before reaching a diagnosis. He can’t offer treatment if he doesn’t know what the problem is. And if he administers treatment based on a misdiagnosis, he will very likely harm the patient.”

As Christians, addressing these issues in the Church requires both compassion AND truth.

Denny also highlights the need for discernment and even separation when Christian pastors and teachers consider sharing speaking platforms with false teachers:

“Christian leaders have to be careful not to lend any credibility whatsoever to false teachers who are undermining the faith (Jude 3). Sometimes sharing a platform does just that. The apostle John says that “many deceivers have gone out into the world” who “do not abide in the teaching of Christ” (2 John 7, 9). John says that Christians have a responsibility to refuse all support for such teachers. Moreover, the congregation must not behave in any way that might indicate endorsement of their false teaching.”

If only more church leaders would heed Denny’s words.

Is the church failing gay Christians?

Over the weekend, I listened to a radio broadcast out of the U.K. hosted by Justin Brierley titled “Is the church failing gay Christians?” The program includes voices from all sides of the issue: Steve Chalke, Ed Shaw, Rosaria Butterfield, and Jayne Ozanne (Butterfield’s portion is pre-recorded). If you are familiar with these names, you know that the viewpoints represented here are widely divergent. On the one hand, you have Shaw and Butterfield arguing for the Christian view. On the other hand, you have Chalke and Ozanne arguing for a non-Christian view. You can download it here or listen below.


Read the rest of the article and listen to the radio interview here.

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